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Untitled Document
Aisslinger + Bracht Architekten

The first drawings date back to 2001. Numerous remodellings followed until the first prototype was presented to the public in Berlin, two years later. This habitat for urban nomads, conceived as a cocoon made from contemporary materials, immediately generated huge interest. In 2005, the Loftcube was used for events and a first series of references was created. But what does this project that has just launched an international presentation tour last April in Milan, represent, amid never-before-seen enthusiasm? A bubble cell, a comfort capsule, according to the notion of its designer? Imagine a dwelling with a 360° view. An extraordinarily compact innovative space to work, relax, entertain friends, this lightweight loft, mobile, easy to set up near a beach, in the middle of nature or, with the help of a helicopter, on the roof of a building.

Werner Aisslinger elegantly refined organic shapes and straight lines. The plastic shell reinforced with fibreglass and material used in naval construction for many years, is polished like a white pebble. Supported by a structure in galvanised steel, it combines stability, flexibility and durability. Large openings made from safety glass, louvers and wooden components allow air and light to flow in. An architecture that is somewhat reminiscent of the futuristic visions of the sixties. Offering maximum functionality on a very small footprint, the brand-new interior equipment includes a comfortable "lounging" area, a spacious and sophisticated kitchen, a bright bathing space, an efficient home management system. Let us just dream for moment of this new lifestyle where freedom and tranquillity would temporarily replace the stress of today's urban life. Town planning regulations permitting, of course...

Floor dimensions: 7.17 m x 7.17 m or
9.80 m x 7.17 m



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